Animal skin differs in many ways from human skin. Maintaining a velveteen coat is an ongoing problem and traditional products used to enhance the sheen of animal coats are frequently runny, petroleum based, or have disagreeable odors.

Amino+Derm has brought into animal care products the same concerns for high quality and efficacy that it has given to humans. Our special Animal Care Lotion vitalizes the coat, replacing dullness with a velvet sheen. When rubbed more intensely into the animal skin, this product produces the same skin care protection that it gives to humans.

There are two Amino+Derm Pet Shampoos that have been developed. One specially retards the activities of fleas, and the other has antibacterial properties.

The Antibacterial Equine Shampoo provides gentle, yet effective cleansing of the entire horse. It is enhanced with antibacterial agents and natural ingredients for further protection and safety. Unique engineering used in our human moisturizers has created a preservative system that inhibits bacterial growth and retards skin infections. Special natural oils and purified plant derived amino acids help produce shiny coats and healthy skin. The Shampoo is pH balanced, easy to lather and rinse, and has a specially selected pleasant aroma.

The Equine Conditioning Rinse is formulated as a concentrated conditioning rinse which moisturizes and protects the skin while promoting a luxurious and healthy coat. The Rinse has the same efficient preservative system as the Antibacterial Equine Shampoo and it contains special emollients and humectants to lock in moisture and help prevent dry and brittle coats. pH balancing and a pleasant scent round out its pedigree of acceptance.

The 3 in 1 Equine Treatment is a convenient spray which is designed to provide direct treatment for dry spots anyplace on the horse's skin. It will condition the coat and help avoid tangling of the mane and tail. It includes the same preservative system as the other Amino+Derm products and is also pH balanced and pleasantly scented. Additionally, the special features of this easy to use product include coat conditioning and remarkable ease in untangling coarse tail and mane hair.


Leather users expect that their favorite hides will look smart, feel soft, and smell like leather.  They love to feel their leather and experience the softness that the surface provides to their touch.  To keep these products in this condition, the user expects leather care products to provide moisturization, pliability, and a fine dull sheen that is only available from the top grades of appropriately tanned leather products.  

Amino+Derm leather care products are designed with the leather user in mind. They are a delight to apply and fingertip rubbing is recommended as the optimum bond between the user and the leather.  The specially formulated Leather Conditioning Cleanser removes ground-in dirt and debris. It has mild conditioning properties to keep the leather products in fine shape.  

The Amino+Derm Leather Conditioner moisturizes and softens the leather products when they are new or after they have been cleaned.  Both Amino+Derm leather care products incorporate a special fragrance that leaves the leather products smelling like new leather after every treatment.  

No petroleum solvents, streakiness or runniness are found in the Amino+Derm leather care products.  No water or stain lines are left on the leather surface.