To answer the call for relief from muscle aches and pains caused by physical activity, Aminoderm Laboratories, Inc. developed Muscle Balm and Muscle Gel. These products produce their therapeutic effects as counter-irritants in a manner similar to other over-the-counter products. They differ from the other products available in their tolerability, instantaneous effectiveness, the simple fact that they do not leave a mess (no messy residue, gummy clothes, or persistent scent), and they do not dry out or irritate the skin.

They have a pleasant scent which disappears within a short time giving no telltale clue of their presence.

These products may be used efficiently for “warm-up” prior to exercise or activity. They are also ideal for use immediately after exercise to reduce muscular discomfort. Both products may be applied several times daily as needed.

The Muscle Balm is a cream that applies easily and warms up in a short time to provide relief to sore muscles. The Muscle Gel is a cooling gel that quickly warms up to give the desired relief as well. It is a matter of personal preference as to which product to choose. Either one, or both in combination, works well to achieve pain relief while eliminating stiff and sore muscles.

The Muscle Soak is a soothing product that provides a eucalyptus scented invigorating relief for achy muscles. It may be applied with a bath brush in the shower or tub.