The fundamental blending of state-of-the-art engineering with high point cosmetic artistry is best expressed in our Moisturizing Emulsion. The proprietary low energy emulsification process developed by Dr. Lin is used as the foundation of our emulsion manufacturing. This unique technology blends special ingredients into products which are instantly penetrating, refreshing, non occlusive, environmentally safe, and do not support bacterial growth. These products contain special humectants, a unique keratolytic system which removes dull scales from the skin without producing irritation, and have a full complement of plant synthesised amino acids, necessary for the repair of skin and extremely useful in the hydration process. Currently these products are in wide distribution through the U.S. health care market and have passed the FDA requirements for use in the operating rooms after scrubbing and before gloving. In addition to the Moisturizing Emulsion, the Bio-Complex Cellular Cream has the same engineering and biological characteristics but is a more concentrated product. Both of these products may be used over the entire skin surface.

The compatibility of these products with the skin allows favorable results to be achieved in most all people with twice daily application.

Compared to other products, the Moisturizing Emulsion and Bio-Complex Cellular Cream are greaseless, contain no petroleum or animal products, are non occlusive and tolerated by the most sensitive skin. These products have received the highest accolades from the health care industry. Glamour, efficiency, and function are incorporated into the specific blend of engineering and cosmetic advancement. Their ultimate effects in smoothing and moisturizing the skin surface places them far above other products.

The Moisturizing Emulsion and Bio-Complex Cellular Cream may be produced with or without fragrance and the choice of fragrances can be custom developed. Fortification with anti-oxidant vitamins including A, D, and E or ingredients such as Aloe Vera may be added to the basic formulation.

Several products have been developed using variations on the initial formulas. These include a special Cooling Lotion which provides a unique cooling sensation, ideal for today's active athletic participants. This product provides maximum soothing to the warm, over sunned, or wind-whipped body.

Our Wrinkle Retardant Cream extends the fundamental Amino+Derm formulation into a slightly thicker product, enhanced by several key ingredients, making it ideal for nighttime application.

A full line of special facial products includes an astringent lotion, facial cleansing lotion, eye gel, facial masks, facial and eyeline cleansers, exfoliaters and lip balms, for the sake of total skin care maintenance.

The Hand Cream and Foot Cream formulas are designed to soothe and repair dry, cracked, irritated skin.

No discussion of personal care products would be complete without mentioning the unique soaps and skin cleansers that have been produced by Aminoderm Laboratories, Inc. These products include our Antibacterial Soap and a special Lotion Soap. In prominent use in the hospital industry, these products have distinguished themselves not only by their effectiveness, but also tolerability in spite of extensive use. They are ideal for all ages, can be used throughout the house and are available in 18 oz. pump bottles or other packaging for convenient household placement. The Antibacterial Soap contains triclosan and is available in a cool powder blue. The Lotion Soap formula is available in a rich cream color. Custom development can produce other colors as well as variations in the refreshing fragrance of these products.

Our personal care products currently include:

Moisturizing Emulsion, Bio-Complex Cellular Cream, Eye Gel, Wrinkle Defense Cream,
Moisturizing Skin Freshener, Cooling Lotion, Facial Masks, Antibacterial Soap,
Facial Cleansers, Lotion Soap, Exfoliants, Facial Cleansing Lotion, Lip Balms,
and Eye Make-up Remover