Effective cleansing, manageability and good grooming form the basis for our entire line of hair care products. They are formulated to be mild yet refreshing, environmentally safe and free from phosphates. At the same time they provide a full range of ingredients to create healthy non-splitting hair that is protected from damage by ultraviolet radiation and chlorine.

The Shampoo has a full rich feel and is available with a unique green tea fragrance, but other fragrances may be selected by the customer. Lather is consistent and ideal for men and women. The Conditioner provides a revitalizing scalp tingle while it leaves the hair soft and manageable. Nothing in these products will harm the world we live in.

Greaseless hair grooming is a cinch with our uniquely developed Gel. This product gives day long service even on dry windy days.

Bath and Shower Gel is a single product for hair and skin cleansing. Environmentally safe, this product fits all of the cleansing needs of home or out of door use.

Tear Free Baby Shampoo has been a long time favorite for our little ones. Soft to the touch and with a delightful freshness, children love to use it.

Our hair care products currently include:

Shampoo,  Bath and Shower Gel,  Conditioner,  Leave in Spray Conditioner,
Hair Gel,  Damaged Hair Treatment,  and Tear Free Baby Shampoo