Skin Protectants prevent chemical and physical irritants from reaching the skin surface. The Amino+Derm protectant products are unique in providing a protective layer which does not occlude the pores and glands of the skin, thus allowing the skin to function in a normal physiological manner while it is being shielded from irritants. Traditional protectant products are occlusive to the skin, thus preventing normal skin glandular function and frequently cause irritations due to a stoppage of pores. In addition to that, traditional products retard the entry of moisture to the skin, thus allowing the stratum corneum - the top protective layer of the skin, to become further dehydrated and increasingly susceptible to physical and chemical injury.

The presently available forms of protectants developed by our laboratory include our Moisturizing Protective Cream (available both in an industrial version and a healthcare version) as well as our Antibacterial Hand Gel which after successful medical trials is now available for household application.

The Moisturizing Protective Cream contains the unique properties of not only a special biocompatible surface layer, but is uniquely moisturizing thus protecting the fragile balance and need for moisture in the upper skin layers. The health care version provides excellent protection under briefs - ideal for incontinent care. The industrial version is perfect for use by painters, mechanics, gardeners, health care workers, beauty care workers, food service workers, printers, and other occupations where the hands are subjected to irritation, grime, and trauma, and is excellent for home use as well.

The Antibacterial Hand Gel provides germ killing protection and is fortified with moisturizing emollients designed to be gentle on the skin. This product is ideal for use anywhere cleansing is needed and soap and water are not available.

Our skin protectant products currently include:

Moisturizing Protective Cream,  and Antibacterial Hand Gel