Our fundamental engineering and cosmetic development has been specially adapted for sun care products. These products range from SPF-8 to SPF-50, and are available in waterproof formulations, with a special SPF-25 and SPF-40 for children. They are available in scented as well as unscented varieties and may be produced with special fragrances. Variations of the basic formula include fortification with green tea and with vitamins A, D, and E - well known anti-oxidants and free radical scavengers, amino acids, and soothing aloe vera.

Our Insect and Sun Block has been effective in six continents on all forms of flying insects. It contains naturally effective non-toxic ingredients and has no DEET.

We have developed an excellent Sunless Tanner that produces a natural appearing tanned skin tone without the risk of ultraviolet exposure.

The Amino+Derm Sun Care Products differ from others in being non occlusive and non irritating. The common problems of heat and chemical rashes produced by complex sun care products have not been associated with the use of Amino+Derm products. They may be applied easily to the forehead and will not run into the eyes.

Most of these products are effective with single daily applications. When users are also in the water, reapplication after drying off is recommended.

Our After Sun Cooling Lotion is a soothing, refreshing moisturizer designed to bring comfort to skin which has been overexposed to sun or wind. It also provides a zesty feel after work-outs or sporting activities.

Our sun protection products currently include:

SPF-8 Sunscreen,  SPF-15 Everyday Sunscreen,  SPF-15 Insect and Sunscreen,
SPF-25 Sunscreen,  SPF-25 & SPF-40 Children's Sunscreen,  SPF-30 Sunscreen,
SPF-40 Maximum Sunscreen,  SPF-50 Ultimate Sunscreen,  Sunless Tanner,
and After Sun Cooling Lotion