Aminoderm Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held cosmetic development company with headquarters in California. The corporate goal is to create cosmetic and specialty products of uncompromising quality and differentiable characteristics and to channel the products through effective distribution networks.

Aminoderm Laboratories, Inc. came into existence in July, 1987. T. Joseph Lin, Ph.D., a world renowned cosmetic chemist, develops cosmetic and cosmeceutical products. Mr. Jerry W. Price supervises the company as President/General Manager.

Dr. Lin has an extensive background in the development of personal care products, having served in a number of positions, including Head Research Chemist for Max Factor. He consults worldwide, is an active member of the International Society of Cosmetic Chemists and has authored regular journal columns on cosmetic development.

The cornerstone of Aminoderm's success lies in the development of a special engineering process, invented by Dr. Lin, which yields products with unsurpassed clinical and cosmetic capabilities. This process is now applied to a wide family of products which all carry the unique Amino+Derm characteristics. This family of products includes:

Personal Care Products,  Sun Care Products,  Skin Protectants, 
Topical Analgesics,  Hair Care Products,  Animal Care Products, 
and Leather Care Products

Aminoderm has enjoyed a successful history in the U.S. health care market with products designed to meet the skin care needs of both the patient and the health care worker. In the retail marketplace, skin care and hair care products, designed and manufactured by Aminoderm Laboratories, Inc., represent the finest, most efficacious quality products now available to consumers outside of the U.S. healthcare market.

Aminoderm develops proprietary products that are available for marketing under private label. Production capacity is not limited because a network of contract manufacturers is utilized under the direct supervision of Dr. Lin.